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Traction Power Supply

An electrified railway gets power from traction power supply network. In Australia, almost all of the existing networks of electrified railways are fed by a local utility power provider. AC or DC Traction Power substations connect electrified railways to the utility power through transforming the voltage level and converting the frequency to a compatible standard of the rail vehicles. 

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Overhead Catenary Line (OCS/OHL/OHW)

Overhead Catenary System (OCS) or Overhead Contact Line (OHL) is the most popular power distribution method in the traction network of electrified railways. It merely takes advantage of adequate spacing on the roof top clearances to get flexibility and reliability and safety. Comparing with other methods like third rail, rail operators enjoy less maintenance and failure when dealing with OCS.

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Earthing and Bonding System

A crucial part of a safe and reliable electric power system is Earthing and Bonding system (E&BS). Traction networks of electrified railways are not exempt. In some aspects, it is going to be even more essential for electrified railways to integrate a robust E&BS. Because, a mass number of untrained people and operators use high voltage working rail vehicles and infrastructures every moment.

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EMC and Stray Current

Besides all benefits of an electrified railway, it also can be source of pollution and disruption, electromagnetic emission, Stray Current and Noise. It is critical in terms of quality of a long time operation those issues to be addressed in every electrified railway network. A considerable attention is required for EMC and relevant subjects all the time otherwise it may be going to create some undesirable damages with no possible remedy. 

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Rolling Stock Power & Propulsion System 

Modern rolling stocks enjoy on-board AC rail propulsion system which consists of a cascade of complex components and subsystems. Mainly, pantograph is the power connection point between OHL and the rail vehicle. Then, propulsion system will be involved to deliver power to the traction motors. Nowadays, AC propulsion is almost standard among rail vehicle manufacturers. However, there are still numerous rail vehicles with DC propulsion in operation.

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RAMS in Electrified Railways

Similar to any other public asset and infrastructure, Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety are primary factors should be studied and analysed when an electrified railway network is developed, integrated and operating. Studies such as Hazard Analysis (HA), Maintainability Analysis (MA) and Failure modes, Effects and Critically Analysis (FMECA) are required for assessing and evaluating RAMS in the network and asset.   

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