Earthing & Bonding System

When it comes to E&BS in electrified railways, the main point is the E&BS compounds with the traction power return circuit (RC) which is normally the tracks. That makes E&BS a bit complicated for traction power system. 

Following objectives are essential to be addressed in a robust and responsive E&BS:

- Integration with RC

- Integration with Protection system

- Safety in all equipment, rail vehicles, stations and workshops

- EMC and Stray Current considerations

​- Integration with other power systems

E&BS Engineering

​> Business development for rail projects

> Technical Support for Biding and Tendering

> Short circuit Study and Fault Analysis

​> Earthing system Modeling and Simulation

> Earthing and Bonding Design 

> Layout and bonding Arrangement

> Conductors and connectors sizing

> System requirement management  

> Procurement Support

> Protection Coordination


Project Management

> Engineering Design Management 

> Design Review and Report

​> Quality Assurance

> Earth Gird Construction Support

> E&BS Inspection and Audit

> Conductivity Test and Commissioning 

> Asset and maintenance management 

> Safety and reliability Assessment

> Presentation and Documentation

> Training and Mentoring  


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& Bonding Solutions

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My Practice Area 

Implementing the E&BS for an electrification Project

As a matter of fact, E&BS can be seen as a separate subsystem or part of the traction power supply and OHL. It means E&BS acts like a referencing bed for those of interconnected subsystem. Therefore, implementation of the E&BS should be done in parallel and close with the related traction power supply and OHL. Following flowchart explains more in details how a great E&BS design satisfies all integrated subjects.   

>>E&BS, Flowchart of Project Implementation        

E&BS of various traction systems 

Differences in principles and details of various traction system impose different design, equipment and implementation for the E&BS. Generally it can be classified into the following systems: 

- E&BS for 25kV with return circuit, booster transformers and dedicated earth wire. 

- E&BS for 2x25kV with extra feeder wire and dedicated earth wire

- E&BS for permanent earthed DC traction supply 

- E&BS for floating earth DC traction supply with AGS      

  Integrating the accomplishments