Electrified Railways is a capital strategic invested infrastructure for a very long term service, operation and growth. There is a tremendous mutual contribution between communities and Railway Authority for delivering a quality service and acceptance. RAMS defines parameters to ensure such a service will have acceptable quality for long term operation and growth.     

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My Practice Areas

> RAMS Engineering Consulting

​> Business development for rail projects

> Technical Support for Biding and Tendering

> RAMS Life Cycle Management  

> Defect Detect Study and Analysis

> Risk Analysis and Evaluation 

> Consequences Tree Analysis 

> Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) 

> Hazard Log

> Interface/Subsystem hazard Analysis

> Requirement Management  

> EN50126/128/129 Conformity Demonstration

> Engineering Management 

> Design Review and Report

> Asset Inspection and Audit

> Preventive Maintenance 

> Asset and Operation Assessment

> Presentation and Documentation

> Training and Mentoring  

RAMS in Electrified Railways

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  Integrating the accomplishments