Traction Machines and Propulsion Systems

Normally a propulsion system for Rail vehicles in a DC traction power supply is simpler and slightly cheaper than the propulsion system for a AC traction power supply. Also, there is another comparison between AC propulsion versus DC propulsion. At the moment, a broad range of various propulsion systems operates in Australia and similarly all around the world. AC and DC propulsion for every type of power system , Diesel locomotive, AC traction power supply and DC traction power supply is performing under service.         

My Practice Areas

> Rolling Stock Power Engineering

​> Business development for rail projects

> Technical Support for Biding and Tendering

> Dynamic Power Study and Analysis

> Propulsion Power Chain Modeling  

> AC/DC Traction Machines Engineering 

> Traction Converter/Inverter Engineering   

> Traction transformer Engineering 

> Equipment Specifications Consulting 

> System requirement management  

> Procurement Support

> Preventive Maintenance Planing  

> Overhauling Technical support


> Project Management

> Engineering Management 

​> Quality Assurance

> Performance Inspection and Audit

> Running and Back to back Test  

> Asset and maintenance management 

> Quality Operation Assessment

> Presentation and Documentation

> Training and Mentoring  

Systems of Rolling Stock

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There are lots of sample/reference packages and documents accomplished by me in my previous works and projects, you welcome to download and check them. 

Key power components of a Propulsion System

No matter what type the propulsion system is, key components shall be identified according to the following itemised groups:        

Types of Components in a typical Propulsion System

So, abstracting from above table, there are two main types of equipment in all groups of propulsion systems. 

  • Power electronic equipment such as converter and inverter in order to convert different forms of electrical power and control it

  • Rotating electric machines such as alternator and traction motor to convert electrical-mechanical power and provide movement.          

  Integrating the accomplishments