AC and DC Traction System

AC and DC Traction Systems are fundamentally different in terms of the electrical system configuration, circuitry and performance. Considerations of EMC and Stray Current issues lead to so many various configurations and power equipment chains in both systems. Those differences between Ac and DC systems make the design processes to be completely different. In the following sections, some standard methods for a traction power supply project are explained.  

>> Traction Power Engineering


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Power Study; The wisdom of Traction Power Network

Power study and load flow analysis are the tasks which will light up several aspects of design and system specifications related to performance and responses of a traction power supply system as the future power network. It is also an ongoing task for real time monitoring when the system is under operation and expansion. The results of power study can dramatically affect financial side of the project, therefore there should be a great wisdom behind it.   

Whereas there are a quite number of commercial and non commercial software for such a crucial study, engineering a solid and reliable power study needs a high level of knowledge and experience. Below is a link for the document showing how to conduct a robust trustworthy power study and other related transient studies and analysis like short circuit analysis.    

>> Traction Power Study, methods and conduct algorithm         

Implementing a Traction Power Supply Project

A master flowchart has been issued to indicate the processes and functions algorithm throughout a typical traction power project from the beginning up to the end. Each box of the flowchart can be a milestone of a general WBS and should be developed separately. It means there are some other detailed flowcharts and algorithm for each box. 

Click on the following link to see the flowchart:   

>>Traction Power Supply, Flowchart of Project Implementation        

Asset Management for Traction Power Supply Asset

A traction power supply is a very expensive and complex asset which possesses so many time and condition sensitive equipment and subsystems.    

(to be continued)        

Integrating Traction Power Substations with OHL (OCS)

A traction power supply feeds the overhead catenery lines (OHL) via several traction substations. Circuitry and specifications of the OHL system are determining inputs during the design of the TPS. Conversely, some parameters from TPS has great influence on the OHL design and construction. Therefore, integration management and interface considerations are parts of the consolidated design and construction for an interconnected rail electrification.  

>> Integration management for traction Power Supply and OHL

  Integrating the accomplishments 

> General system configuration packages

> Power study/load flow analysis packages

> Equipment specifications reports 

Primary side detailed design packages

> Secondary side detailed design packages

Perfectly engineered and designed packages for standard AC traction power supply systems are ready to be used now. They are specifically developed to meet all engineering needs and requirements when an AC traction power supply project is the challenge. Relevant international technical and safety standards fundamentally structured the packages. All equipment and components are standard.        

>>  ِِDC Traction Power Supply solutions  

      > General system configuration packages

      > Power study/load flow analysis packages

      > Equipment specifications reports 

      Primary side detailed design packages

      > Secondary side detailed design packages

Traction Power Engineering 

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> Power Study and Load Flow Analysis
> Insulation Coordination Study and Analysis
> Short Circuit Study and Fault Analysis
> Primary Design and Layout Arrangement
> Equipment Specification and Sizing
> System requirement management  
> Procurement Support
> Secondary Design and Protection
> SCADA and RTU 

> Engineering Design Management 

> Design Review and Report
​> Quality Assurance management
> Substaion Construction Support
> Site Inspection and Audit
> High Voltage Test and Commissioning 
> Asset and maintenance management 
> Traction System Operation Assessment
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