EMC and Other Equipment

Nowadays, number of the high power switching equipment like 4Q converter and 3-ph inverter and SVC in electrified railways tend to increase sharply. Regardless of being installed on-board or wayside, the point is all of those equipment can produce massive amount of pollution which may interfere with performance of other equipment like signalling system. For example, high frequency elements of the rail vehicle current drawn from contact wire and TPS feeder may disturb signalling equipment.         


( To be continued)  

Practice Areas

> EMC Engineering Consulting

​> Business development for rail projects

> Technical Support for Biding and Tendering

> Math Modelling and System Simulation

> Harmonic Study and Frequency Analysis

> Parametric Dynamic Analysis

> IEC61000 Conformity Assessment

> EN50121/122 Conformity Assessment

> Requirement management  

> Project Management

> Engineering Management 

> Document Review and Report

​> Quality Assurance

> Evaluation and Audit

> Test and Measurement  

> Asset Operation Assessment

> Presentation and Documentation

> Training and Mentoring  



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