Gold Coast Light Rail, Gold Coast, QLD 

​Bombardier Transportation Australia

Project Lead Engineering, 2012 -2013 


Floating earthing and bonding solution has been adapted to mitigate the impact of stray current while it ensures a solid interconnected equipotetial earthing. It perfectly fulfills the requirements of EN50122. The system is also taken place based on several complex studies such as stray current study and hazard analysis led to issuing the Floating E&BS philosophy for GCLR and concept design.          

Floating Earthing and Bonding System for Light Rail

Key Performance:

> Lead Engineering

> Requirement management

> Detailed design

​> Layout and cross section

> Space proofing

> Mast Arrangement 

> Hazard Analysis

​> Interface management

> Integration management

See how I have done the Black Art for Rail Electrification

> Earthing and Bonding for Eagle Downs mining loop (to be detailed soon)

> Guideline Documentation for Earthing and Bonding (to be detailed soon)

> Earthing and Bonding system for 2x25kV TPS for Electrification of 1000km urban (to be detailed soon )

> Earthing and Bonding for Shenton/Striling Rail-Road bridge replacement, PTA (to be detailed soon)

> Automatic Grounding Switch (AGS) for Light Rail  (to be detailed soon)

  Integrating the accomplishments